Best Practice Playbook

I help to run a small village rugby team for 13 year olds and I’m part of a team of 3 coaches. This summer one of the coaches had a great idea. He asked us all to put on an email 2 or 3 plays or coaching drills or practice ideas that we’d used to help the boys play better rugby.  As a result, we’d produced a playbook of dozens of useful drills, plays and ways of improving the boys’ rugby skills.

This season we’re busy putting them into practice.

On holiday in France last year, our Holiday Rep produced a “Big Playbook of Great Days Out” with all contributions given by holiday makers during the summer. What a great initiative as every idea had been tried and tested.

  • Do you have an active playbook in your sales team? Where all your salespeople and sales coaches contribute great ideas, best practice tips and techniques. You could have this as an online forum or wiki where everyone’s encouraged to share and contribute.
  • Maybe as a team of trainers, you have a forum where you share ice breakers or energisers for the various workshops you run.
  • Or, as a team of coaches, do you have role play ideas, coaching techniques that you share somewhere?
  • Or as Sales Managers, you have a place where you share sales meeting content, motivational ideas, coaching tips, sales boosting ideas.

All successful modern teams pull together to share best practice. Remember the whole is better than the sum of the individual parts.