How to avoid bumps in your selling

The main road near my old home, the A38 between Gloucester and Tewkesbury, was closed last month for re-surfacing. It’s a busy road and gets hammered everyday with cars, trucks and articulated lorries. But for a few months it’s going to be a long smooth ride.

Until bumps appear because they do. Frost, snow and water over the winter will form cracks; these will grow bigger and form pot holes by the spring. We’ll have to dodge these whilst navigating the busy road scared of damaging our suspensions and the cost this would involve.

Pending the resurfacing or patching up again.

In the same way, if you’re in professional services and sell advice, things change. Your client won’t develop cracks and pot holes but their situation will change and they will have bumps along the way. Our role is to provide ongoing advice and service to help them avoid the bumps in the road and the cost these would involve if they become worse. We can patch up the holes before they become too dangerous.

When explaining the on-going advice service you have to offer, use an analogy that people can understand. Visiting the dentist, medical check-ups, serving your car are all the same concept which people readily understand.

And the cost of fixing your suspension can be over £500, so I’m going to dodge those pot holes as long as I can.