Are your Sales Superstars Indispensible?

Did you read about the One Show this year, a hugely popular BBC show, on in the early evening.  They had two talented presenters, Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles, who defected to ITV on enormous salaries expecting to boost the ratings of their new morning show.

So far they’ve failed and two new unknown presenters at the One Show, might I say, two new lookalikes, have increased the popularity of the show even more.

Analysts have commented that it’s not the presenters that make these shows successful, it’s the whole package and I can believe this. Behind every front person, there’s a collection of support people, equipment, processes that produce the final result.

In a sales team, in fact any team, this is exactly the same. More important than your high salaried superstar salespeople are the processes, the equipment,  the support people behind the scenes. To run a successful sales team requires a focus on the organisation’s strengths, a coaching regime, procedures, best practices, a successful collective, great team spirit.

So, if you find yourself as a sales manager pandering to the whims of your top performing salespeople, remember it’s more the organisation behind them that’s contributing to their success. Concentrate on the whole as well as the individual and focus on coaching everyone will bring continuous success to the whole team.