Are you Team or Individual?

Back in the day, it was all about teamwork. Still is in many industries. Your value, your strength was connected to your team building capability. You gathered a group of people with various skills and abilities and moulded them into a team capable of great functions.

The mantra was “the team is greater than the sum of the individuals”.

This is less true today than ever before. Now it’s about individuals that you can bring into your team. It’s their capabilities, skills and knowledge that you favour. The workforce can be gained from the world now; remote workers can be based in the Philippines or Putney, it makes no difference.

Today I was working with a client looking for a new employee. I said I’d check with my network to help them out. My network is invaluable to me, people I’ve known for over 35 years in business. This network is precious. Arguably when you take on a new employee, you’re buying into their network too, since their contacts can help them achieve tasks and increase their capability.

The option of teams has moved on, have you?