Are you sure?

Last week I was in the City of London working with a Stock Broker client helping their salespeople get more business using the phones.  Impressive environment it was. Exciting, positive, energetic, fast-paced. And I just adored the myriad of computer screens everywhere showing stock figures and enormous amounts of data. Their job was just so cool.

On my way home I dreamt of being a real life Stockbroker but as I arrived in Gloucester, reality hit me and realised the closest I’d ever get would be having more than one computer screen in my office.

So the next morning, I put my revised ambition into action and headed down to PC World to buy a second monitor.  In its glorious 22 inches it was surprisingly inexpensive.  I rushed to the checkout.

I always feel for the checkout operators with their targets to sell add on insurances and warranties.  The problem with selling add-ons is…well they’re add-ons, and no one wants costs added. The checkout is not the place to do selling either, queues and finger drumming customers. Until I reached Naomi.

“You’ll be wanting the 3 year Warranty… won’t you?”

“No thanks”

“Are you sure”, she replied with a genuine look of surprise. She contorted her face and mirrored shock and astonishment; she’d obviously practised this many times in the training room.

“These monitors can go wrong after the manufacturers warranty and you’d be missing out on a free fix for another two years if it goes wrong…are you sure?

She was very persuasive and what a clever little strategy.

So if you or your team sell “add-ons” at the checkout or counter and they’re often busy and harassed, follow Naomi’s example.

  1. Use the Yes tag…”you’d like…wouldn’t you?”
  2. When the customer says no…look genuinely surprised, “are you sure?”
  3. Give a benefit they’d be missing and try again.

Brilliant.  I levelled with Naomi and told her I was a sales trainer and asked her how successful she was.  Very, was her reply. It was inertia that encouraged the customers to go for the add-on, a few took it straight away but more reacted positively to the “are you sure?”

My office looks great with the two monitors as I dream of being a Stock Broker. At least my time management has improved, it really has.  You ought to try two monitors but beware of Naomi at the checkout.