Are you changing with the times?

The barber shop is a man’s domain. A place you can put the world to rights, chew the cud and air your views with someone who is never going to argue with you.

Passing the time, we were discussing the demise of shops in the High Street. The school clothing shop had just closed, the estate agent and the card shop. We both blamed these closures on the internet. But Costa Coffee had moved in, the greengrocers were doing brisk business and the butchers was inundated with custom. “What’s the cause” I asked my new friend, hoping for some economic wisdom.

“Because they’ve changed with the times, you’ve gotta change with the times if you want to survive in business”

And I sat back to digest this wisdom. How true, times always change, be it the internet, the telegraph, the printing press, the motor car…times never stop changing, even Bob Dylan sang about it.

How are you planning to change with the times? Are you planning some self-development in 2013, pick up some new skills, change your business model, adapt in some way?

I’m learning to touch type next year and to present more professionally in front of a camera because I believe much of what I do will be delivered in a different way in the future. I’ve got some way to go on camera side but I’m getting better.

What about you? How are you changing with the times?

I agreed with my barber’s perception, after all would you argue with a man with a cut throat razor in his hands.