Are you Adding to the White Noise?

Attend any social selling or “how to gain guaranteed leads” type of training course, and they’ll tell you to create content and educate your potential customers. Informing them of everything you know so they’ll find this when searching online, pop along to your website, and do business with you.

The problem is you’re just adding to the terabytes of white noise already on the internet freely available on precisely the same subject.

I’ve seen mortgage advisers post on LinkedIn:

  • How to remortgage
  • The difference between fixed and variable rates
  • The process of buying a house

They’re delivered well, some of them. Most are just head and shoulders talking. Now I’m not criticising them; they’re doing personal content marketing, which seems like a great way to do it. Still, you’re just adding to the already crowded internet of this content.

People now look for interpreters rather than information givers, and there’s a huge difference. A giver just gives generic information. An interpreter figures out what you need to know and how to apply it to your current challenges.

Let me give you an example.

Earlier this year, a corporate firm Zoomed me because they wanted some help on closing and getting more customers to commit to the mortgage advisers who were interpreters in doing business with them. The advisers were not gaining commitment or closing. Many don’t expect their advice to be compelling enough for the customer to accept it without question. The problem is there are now many other places they can get the same advice from. So I gave my client ideas on how they could do this in their tightly niched briding and seconds marketplace with their advisers all based at home.

Do you see, I acted as an interpreter, not an information giver. I tailored the ideas to the industry, in their sector for their problems.

The message is that you want to use this technique as part of your personal marketing strategy to give information and think of your target market and tailor the information. Become an interpreter of the readily available information and make it relevant and unique to your clients.

And please tell me you are targeting a market, aren’t you? Are you not marketing to anyone on LinkedIn?