Are you a True Expert?

We had a new Total Control Electric AGA installed last autumn, a complex computer controlled piece of kit that saves us hundreds of pounds in expensive heating oil. Not having gas piped to the property makes this a necessity.

Shining and gleaming it was until, on Christmas day, as the Turkey is escaping the oven beautifully cooked, the hobs blew up.

To their due, the AGA Specialist Engineer appeared in the afternoon of the next working day. I don’t normally hover over specialist workmen but I was curious to what electronics were behind the glossy enamelled surface.

And very impressive it all looked to me, a total non-technician.

I asked him “is this the equipment you specialise in only?”

“Yes” he replied. “I’ve been working on electric AGAs for almost ten years straight from college.”

I instinctively responded, “Well you’ll be good at it then?”

“Yes, I guess I am” he modestly replied.

And he was true to his word, within 45 minutes he had it all fixed with a description that made sense even to me. A true expert.

The modern salesperson needs to be an expert in their calling, not just their product but the industry they serve and the problems and issues they solve for their customers, the issues surrounding their product or service, the people and resources their company has. Often called a thought leader in their sector, clients and customers receive oodles of value just by dealing with them, they bring new ideas and strategies to the table and share ideas that are extremely valuable.

But you knew that didn’t you.

The old salesperson that is expert at their product range and can talk the talk, and probably does too much of that, can blind people with features and benefits and overcome any objection thrown at them…is doomed.

If you’re not a true expert, even modestly so, then we ought to become so, just like my AGA man.