Anchoring your Customer

Here’s a neat little idea to boost your confidence and energy levels, and let’s face it, we all need to do this sometimes.

We’ve all come across the term “anchoring” where we use a reminder or a trigger to recall something from the past.  NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming brings this to us and it helps us to relive past moments in our lives so we can collect the resource that we had in abundance at the time.

I have several anchors which I use to inject myself with a resource. For example, before a big presentation I recall a specific moment where I collect huge amounts of enthusiasm. If I want to relax I have an anchor that does just that.  They’re pretty much like speed dials on your phone; they just take you back to when you had that resource in abundance and trick the brain to feel the same way again.  The more you fire up the anchor the more reactive it is.

Here’s an idea when you want to help your customer to buy from you.

Take them back to a time when they bought something really successfully, get them to relive the moment, the emotions, the sights.  Ask them to recall it in their minds’ eye, describe it, why they made the purchase.

When they’re really in the zone, anchor it with a sound, a physical gesture or a subtle touch on their elbow. As you approach the time for them to buy your product, bring back the sound or the gesture or do the touch.

I’ve used this whilst coaching. I’ve asked my coachee to think back to a time when they were self sufficient, could handle anything themselves, were tremendously resourceful and action oriented. I usually anchor this with a change in my position – I use the catapult position where I lean back and put my hands behind my head and at the same time say the phrase “good for you”.  Later in our coaching session I might want them to take some action or be resourceful.  I redo the catapult gesture, smile, say “good for you” and wait.

It often works and they become resourceful and full of action plans, which is the goal of the coaching.

So try anchoring your customer or coachee next time and see if it makes a difference. And you can thank Neuro Linguistic Programming for that.  But don’t worry you can get tablets from the chemists for that.