Always give a reason

We use a Print on Demand POD company to manage sales of a variety of books that we sell. It works very well. On the odd occasion, misprinting occurs and my customers feed this back to me very quickly, and I send out a new copy immediately. The last time this happened, I asked the POD company if they would refund the cost of an item that had been printed upside down. The cost price was £6.50. They asked me to send in a photo of the up-side down book.

For £6.50 I couldn’t be bothered and told them so and that they really ought to trust me after all we have completed hundreds of pounds of business with them.

Expecting nothing in response, I received an email from a superior.

She gave a reason i.e. “so we can show the printers in order for them to not repeat the mistake”

This changed everything. I realised why they wanted the photo. It wasn’t because they didn’t trust me, which I thought; it was to improve their service.

I contacted my customer, who sent through a photo, which I forward on and £6.50 was refunded.

If only the first person had given a reason then it would have ended amicably a whole lot sooner.

So whenever you make any request always give a reason and you’ll be amazed as to the response, it all makes sense really.

If you want to influence or persuade someone use the word “because”; because works hypnotically. And I didn’t even tell you the photocopier story.