Adding value to existing customers

I picked up my new Mitsubishi in February.  A fine motor and half the running costs of my previous 4 wheel drive – thank goodness.

3 months later I received a call from the dealer offering me a free valet, inside and out, every quarter.  It was a new service for Mitsubishi car owners.  Now these things are worth £70 or so and this intrigued me as to their intent. Were they looking to sell me something? Upon enquiry their intent was honourable.

They just wanted me to buy my next new car from them in 3 years’ time.

And with that kind of service why wouldn’t I?

So how do you add value to your existing clients or customers?  The cost to Mitsubishi of a valet is marginal, even insignificant, but to me it’s invaluable.  Think of a way you can add on-going value so as to encourage to come back to you when they’re next in the market for your product or service.

Here’s some ideas:

  • If you sell breakdown cover insurance, send them a free throwaway camera to take photos if they have an accident. Or a free high visibility vest.
  • If you sell mortgages, send them a packet of dishwasher tablets so they can spend more time enjoying their new home.
  • If you sell house insurance, offer them a free re-building cost evaluation to make sure their sum insured is adequate or arrange for the local fire service to pitch in and offer advice on smoke alarms.
  • If you provide financial advice, don’t send them the usual mass produced and rebranded newsletter, give them a subscription to the Sky Movie channel or find out what their favourite takeaway is and get one delivered. You could even offer to do a talk at their son’s school on managing your finances as a teenager. That might be more suitable.

Just some ideas for you.

Anyone want a lift in my car – it’s really spotless and tidy – courtesy of my favourite car dealer.