Activating your meetings

One of the most hated experiences in modern business is attending meetings. Most just don’t tick people’s boxes. Time consuming, often boring, unnecessary, dull, irrelevant, painful.

The list goes on. Thankfully web based meetings are coming into fashion, these not only shorten the meeting time but also tend to speed up the presentation to key points, and at least you don’t have to travel to get to them.

But they’re not perfect, yet, they don’t have the benefit of human interaction and chemistry, not yet anyway until we get invited to hologram meetings, but that’s a few years away.

Face to face traditional meetings do have an advantage, you have people there and you can encourage interaction, but why are so few sales meetings truly interactive?

After all, most salespeople are activists by nature and need to be involved, stimulated, active. And if you are costing the company money by running real meetings surely they need to be like this…involving, stimulating and active.

So here’s how you can do this, seamlessly and professionally. I call it PAD and GLU.

  • P stands for pre-brief, where you set up the activity you’re going to run, talk through the challenge you all have, maybe mini lecture on your part. Then you…
  • A activity, run the activity, the role play, game, the quiz, the case study, whatever.  It needs to be something very interactive that lets the salespeople learn the skill or knowledge you’re looking to impart. Finally you.
  • D De-brief the activity to see what they learnt from it and how they can use it in their jobs.  Use GLU
  • G Get on, ask them how they got on with the activity, did they enjoy it.
  • L Learn, what did they learn from the activity, what were the lessons? And finally
  • U Use, how can they use what they have just learnt? What might benefit them in their jobs, how can they use it with their clients or customers.

So if you feel your meetings are becoming snooze meetings, remember to PAD and GLU then to ensure interaction. And WAIT, ask yourself Why Am I Talking.

Hey I’m all acronym’ed out for this week.