Acting “As If”

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming gives us acting “as if” which is a really neat technique to help us perform better at our jobs as salespeople.

Let me explain.

Acting “as if” enables you to mimic whatever you’re trying to do and to act “as if” you’re already doing it. For example I made a client visit at the end of last year to a real tough cookie. His PA mentioned he was an impatient, alpha male, type A personality. Now that’s not me but all I did was to act “as if” I was, so I matched his style during the meeting.

So next time you need:

  • More self confidence
  • A state of mind of calm
  • More patience
  • The ability to speak well in public
  • To close more effectively in a sales meeting

Just act “as if” you were doing these things and trick your mind into believing that you can really do it. Say to yourself I’m going to act “as if…”

Thank NLP of this technique and yes, you can get jabs for this at the chemists.