A Unique Rapport Building Technique

I’m going to combine two very clever techniques from NLP into one mesmerising simple tactic to influence someone.

Let me explain how.

One of the quickest ways to gain rapport with someone is to offer a compliment. Something genuine and meaningful. This has been reported well before NLP was even mentioned; Dale Carnegie mentioned it in his book in the early 20th century.

Last month, I was working in Dubai for a bank and helping their sales advisers become even more effective in selling. One man was presenting in the classroom and I particularly liked his jacket. It was a local design. A shalwar waistcoat. I thought it was elegant, very tasteful and fitted the occasion.

I genuinely thought so and later bought one in the shopping mall.

At the time I complimented him and said how handsome it made him look. He “purred”

And at the same time I went to touch his shoulder as this is an anchor which I wanted to associate with the moment for him.

The whole group warmed to me and we enjoyed the rest of our time together. As we all departed the training my new friend came up to shake my hand. As I did so I touched his shoulder once more, re-igniting the compliment and the warm feeling he had from earlier. He smiled like a Cheshire cat and we are now friends on facebook and Linked in contacts.

So combine a compliment with a subtle touch anchor to cement the moment and bring it back just by firing the anchor later.

Marvellous and so simple.