A Speedy Positioning

Elevator pitch, unique selling point, sound bite, positioning statement, value proposition…the list goes on but they all pretty much mean the same thing. But have we become too scientific and structured with how we approach them?

I think so, now is time to simplify things and here’s my take for you.

The main purpose is to introduce who you are, your company and what you’re all about to the benefit of the customer.

Share a story within a story.

“Hedge Bank go back to last Century and pride themselves in being honest and helping their customers to buy their own homes by giving the right advice. They began in the Midlands helping customers to physically build their homes and expanded across the country to provide the same service to thousands more. Now that’s why I joined them 6 years’ ago. I felt it my personal mission to ensure all my customers were looked after and given absolutely the right advice. That’s built into me and the reason I work here”

Story within a story.

What’s the story behind your company? Were you the first to bring technology to the fingertips of the average person? Were you the innovators of life saving drugs? Do you provide travel insurance to those who would struggle to get it normally with a mission to ensure everyone gets to travel.

These are the stories of three of my clients. Every company has a story and every salesperson has too. Help your story to match the values of the company you work for and the customer will instantly appreciate the value and consistency.

And when you introduce this at the beginning of your face to face, just call it your story. Keep it brief, you could even ask them theirs. Mesmeric stuff.