A package is better than a single item

Ocean’s Eleven, The A Team, The Magnificent Seven, The Italian Job. Hollywood is littered with movies where teams are put together to win against the odds, and where the team is better than the sum of the individual.

Everything in life is better packaged together. Roast dinners just taste scrumptious, evenings out which include a meal, a film and a late drink are just fabulous, bands with guitars, drums and percussion sound better together, outfits go better with accessories….the list goes on.

It’s classic packaging and when we’re selling products or services we need to consider this same argument – that collections are better than the individual item.

So if you’re selling books, think about bundles of books rather than individual ones.  If you sell life assurance and protection think about packaging products together to make a complete protection package, if you’re selling computers or laptops make sure you bundle software, if you sell training courses, ensure the reinforcement options are included in a comprehensive parcel of services.

And the secret to selling a package is to think of the whole bundle not the individual items. A roast dinner provides you with a weeks’ worth of vitamins in one go and lets you relax in front of the TV all afternoon. Well I do anyway. But a roast potato on it’s own merely tastes good.

Perhaps a bad example but you get my point.

Remember, to provide a value proposition to promote the whole package and to present the package as one, to bring you success.  But hold on, the Italian Job example from earlier, they were unsuccessful weren’t they? Or were they?

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