A good space

End of school holidays, Sunday lunch, Archer household, deepest Gloucestershire.

“So Bethan, are you looking forward to starting in big school next week?”

“Yes, Daddy lots, I’m looking forward to seeing all my old friends and making new friends”

“That’s lovely Boo, that’s a wonderful thought you have in your head. You hold onto that”

“I will Daddy, I will, how can I do that Daddy?”

“I’ll show you how. Before that, show me where that wonderful thought is…point to it baby”

“It’s there Daddy”

Bethan pointed upwards to her right. And I’d discovered where my daughter puts her good feelings.

Now this is particularly useful to me now but let me explain first why.

You see people put things in places in their heads, it’s how folk roll. Ask them a question to allow them to look in their good place direction, Bethan’s was front right slightly upwards. This allows you to influence them hypnotically in a number of ways.

For example, if you want them to feel good about your sales proposal, then place it in their line where good thoughts happen. Easy.

Or move into a position where they see you in their “happy” place and your message will be joyfully received.

And you could even find out their bad space and talk about the competition whilst in that space.

Useful don’t you think.

And for Boo, she’s aware of her good place and can put all her thinking there especially going to big school and meeting all her new friends. Just have to be ready for the real impact of big school with 2,500 pupils in one building.  Good job I know where her good place is.