A cross selling secret

Amazon does it all the time, maybe we ought to.

My wife does it every weekend for me and it spurs me into action.

Let me explain.

My wife gives me a list of things “to do” around the house at the start of each weekend and this list of new activities keeps me busy all weekend.  The list always contains something new alongside the usual cutting the grass and putting out the bins, and this quite excites me, doing something different adds variety.

Amazon constantly suggests something new, normally wrapped around the fact that other people, like you, also bought the following items. So we’re drawn into these items and often add to basket.

So if you have something knew, perhaps you could suggest that you have something new to offer and people, like them, have been really interested in finding out.

Don’t do the usual – “we have a new sparkling credit card, are you interested?”


Instead try the “Do you know all morning my customers have been asking about our new product and have been really interested”

Spikes their curiosity that one. Or

“A couple of people this morning, in a similar position to you, got quite excited about our new shiny product…maybe you might be?”

Clever isn’t it.

People are always drawn into what others, like them, are doing and buying. It’s a DNA thing.

Try it, it might just work for you to increase your cross selling.

And do us all a favour, stop calling it “cross selling” that just sounds so painful.

How do I keep so interested in my “to do” job list every weekend? The secret to handling a list is to achieve the tasks very very slowly from the day after marrying so the other person is used to your pace, that way you can take regular breaks along the way. To catch up on the football scores, to take a well earned rest, a cheeky little snooze in the sunshine or to discover, quite by chance, a newly installed fridge in the bottom shed. Shhh don’t tell