Famine and Feast

Margaret Thatcher, the UK’s leader back in the 1980’s had her personal records released last month and one that hit the news was her diet plan.  Intrigued I started following the Maggie Thatcher diet and have been doing so for a week now.  For those of you who have seen it, you know that you can lose 20 pounds in two weeks. It’s all about feasting on protein rather than carbs.

Incredible stuff and we’ll soon see how accurate the weight loss claims are.

The diet reminded me of the sales concept – famine and feast, which can help us determine where we are placed in our Inner Game state of mind. It all depends on how we see things.  Do you look out the window and see constant opportunities, believe totally in your abilities, feel relaxed and focus 100% on your customer’s needs rather than yours. If the customer is not a fit and you don’t get the sale, so be it; you move on to the next one knowing full well that you have the ability to solve their problems. You don’t always have massive sales bubbling, you just know you will. If so, you’re in a feast mentality.

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