5 motivators that influence

I’ve mentioned before that I help to run a village rugby team and this season the boys all turned 14.

I’ve helped to coach them since they were under 7’s.  After a terrible start to the season, with three hammerings on the trot against Stroud, Hereford and Cheltenham, we discovered our form and began to achieve consecutive victories.

What caused the turnaround?  We had inadvertently satisfied the 5 top motivators that inspire people.

We obtained 2 new coaches who brought in some new tactics which made it easier to play. We made the boys wear shirts and club ties after each match and sit down in the clubhouses to eat the sausage and chips together as a team. We continuously applauded their efforts, fed their strengths and made them feel good.

The 5 motivators we’d unconsciously satisfied were:

  1. Importance
  2. Appreciation
  3. Approval
  4. Ease
  5. Success

So if you coach people, manage teams, manage clients and customers…are you stroking the 5 motivators to influence?

Deliberately now, we try to satisfy these motivators with the boys and we made it to the semi finals of the North Midlands Plate.  Whoever said attitude is more powerful than techniques deserves a pint. And that’s exactly what we coaches do in the clubhouse whilst the boys gorge their tucker. Mine’s a pint please.