4 Principles for New Salespeople

People often ask me what does a new salesperson need to be successful and my answer is more than just skills and knowledge. They need principles or supporting beliefs to supplement their skills.

There are just four:

  1. An attitude of feast as opposed to famine. This belief allows you to appreciate that there is plenty of business out there and you don’t need to get desperate for every sale that comes your way. Feast is an attractive persona in a salesperson, which customers can pick up quickly. It makes you more valuable.
  2. A detached attitude. This one links into the feast outlook and helps you to handle every sale in a calm relaxed manner without crossing the line where you have to have the sale. This can cause all sorts of problems. If you’re too attached to a sale, you’ll do a myriad of things to keep it and will take it personally if it fails. This can dampen your self-esteem and confidence. Remaining detached is healthy.
  3. Not seeing yourself as a salesperson. Although I use the tag to describe my audience, the word “salesperson” is so last century. Instead, regard yourself as an expert in your field who brings value to customers in the form of consultancy and advice.
  4. Finally, number four, realising that you’re not there to sell things to people. Customers don’t want to be sold to but they do want to buy and our role is to help customers do just that.

These four principles or supporting beliefs will serve any new or experienced salesperson.