Ask Me How

My grandfather used to keep pigeons as a hobby. In his back yard he had their home – the coop. Each pigeon had his own home, a tiny box, a foot by a foot. When they flew out for exercise they’d always return to the same box.

Its where we get the phrase “pigeon holed”.

That relates to how customers, clients regard your products or services. They’ve probably Pidgeon holed you for a certain service and you want to make them aware of other services you have.

Here’s a neat way to do it.

In the email you send to your customer, include a PS. In the PS you ask them a question relating to your other product. For example if the customer has bought a mortgage from you and you want them to be aware of your life assurance, you say:

  • PS. Ask me about protecting your mortgage in the event of death.
  • PS. Ask me how you can get more customers for your business
  • PS. Ask me how to reduce the queues in your shops at lunchtime

Just be aware of what problems your additional product solves and ask the customer about resolving it.

PS. Ask me about how you might watch a video of this sales tip?