10 Tips to Engage with Customers Over Zoom

  1. Have a chair with a firm back and keep your body relatively still, especially your head.
  2. Enlarge your camera so that your head and shoulders are seen. Customers will want to engage with your face, your expressions, eye contact and mannerisms on video, not your arms and body.
  3. Raise your webcam so that the lens is level with your eyes. You don’t want to look down on your customer, do you? Or give them a view of your nostrils.
  4. Summarise more often when on video, test the customer more too. Ask how things are landing; how do they feel so far and so on. “Are you picking up what I’m putting down man.”
  5. Share your call structure, schedule or journey. Take control and divide your meeting into a smaller session if you wish.
  6. Use their favourite video programme. If its Facebook live, then use this, or Teams or WhatsApp. Consumers will mostly be happy with Zoom, Facebook or WhatsApp. Business customers, probably Teams or Zoom.
  7. Care for your background; blank is suitable. Be extra wary about making comments on their locations; after all, it’s probably their home. Blurring out your background looks super cool but false backgrounds look shady, especially if you don’t have a green screen behind you. And most of us don’t. Accelerate to a dashing Zoom Zone.
  8. Gaze at the eggshell shape surrounding their eyes, forehead and lens of your camera. Read their facial expressions, watch them closely but don’t stare.
  9. Practice your listening skills and prevent yourself from interrupting. It would be best if you never did this anyway whether on video or real. More time is needed in-between conversations on video. It’s the extra half-second that makes all the difference,
  10. Pareto’s 80:20 works just fine. They talk 80% you talk 20%. Keep to this ratio, and you’ll not go far wrong.