10 Rules for a Grounded and Solid Self Esteem

Crucial to all salespeople and advisers. See what you think of these “rules”:

  1. Focus your energy on the present and future. The past has had its day – learn from mistakes and celebrate wins but don’t dwell on the past.
  2. Make peace with yourself; your views and attitudes are yours. Try not to worry about what other people think about you unless they are your better half. Mind your own business.
  3. Your intentions should rule what you do and how you operate. If these are solid, ethical and right – you won’t go far wrong.
  4. Learn to compliment yourself and seek reassurance from inside of you. Don’t rely on others to give you positive feedback – they generally don’t.
  5. Criticism is widespread nowadays, especially online when the giver is invisible. Smile graciously, but if you didn’t seek it or agree with it or you don’t respect the donor – ignore it.
  6. Tragedy plus time equals humour. Every catastrophe or calamity in life can be loosened or watered-down with time. And when we look back, we often have a little chuckle. Some humour appears.
  7. Care with judging others; there really is no mileage in assessing other people’s deeds compared with yours. You’ll always be superior in your mind. When you see someone and want to judge, just think about their story; that’s usually enough to justify what they’re doing. In their heads anyway.
  8. Stop sweating the detail too much and be careful of overthinking things. Let serendipity figure things out for you or a shower or dog walk,
  9. Limit your news intake. In the world of 24-hour news, even the BBC are sensationalising the news. If Laura Keunsberg tells me the world is going to end again, I’m going to scream.
  10. Exercise early in the morning before the day starts. That way you’ll feel more energised.