The Sixty Minute Sales Audit

Every salesperson thinks they’ve heard it all and, by and large, they have; the trouble is there is often a gap between what they know and what they do. Sales and communication specialist Paul Archer has created an audit that enables salespeople of all experience levels to measure the gap between what they could be doing and what they are doing.

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Handling Conflict in the Financial Advising Workplace

The keynote will use the SDI® Strength Deployment Inventory to form the framework of the content. A superbly simple and visual tool to understand people, their motivations and drives and particularly useful in handling conflict in the workplace. Paul Archer is a licensed practitioner of the SDI®

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Staying on the Balcony

Using the advanced thinking available from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Paul will share with you 7 tools that you can use immediately in your practice to be able to deal with all the situations thrown at you in your fast-paced business life. Mixing processes and skills with humour and stories, Paul will engage your attention in this session. The tools shown are vastly flexible and can be used the next day and will help you reduce any anxiety or pressure felt in business interactions.

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Face to Face Communications Rules OK!

Advisers and paraplanners are reacting against the current trend to focus overwhelmingly on electronic communication and social networking. Our most valuable work is typically through personal contact in meetings and social events. Paul’s talk examines how to revitalise your natural ability to communicate face to face by understanding how people think and how you can maximise your communication with them. Paul will be using tools from NLP to help you become master communicators.

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Selling to the Gen Y Generation

The Gen Y generation were generally born since 1985 and are now busy consumers in the market, buying your products and services. This talk shows you how to maximise your selling strategies to appeal to this unique generation

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Handling the Inner Game – Sales Resilience Strategies

The Inner Game is a term used by sports psychologists to describe the inner dialogue that determines winners and losers

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Insurance Selling Masterclass

Highly specialised talk, to guide sales advisers who sell loans and mortgages to ensure their customers are fully protected with additional policies

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The Ape in us all – Body Language Skills

Deep down, we’re still animals – apes in fact. Much of our communication is still non-verbal. Paul’s talk will explore how to maximise the use of your body language and to recognise and adapt to your customer’s non-verbal signals

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Colouring in Your Customer

Using the SDI (c) Model. Simply understand your customer’s motivation. Match your selling style to their way of buying. Influence them more effectively

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Hypnotic Selling Skills

For sales people and anyone who needs to influence people at work, and that’s just about everyone. Hypnotic selling isn’t hypnosis in the formal sense. It’s the art of being able to influence people’s opinions, desires, thoughts, and actions during a regular conversation. Conversational Hypnotism teaches you how to use Hypnosis in everyday conversation, by using certain “Hot Words”, tones of voice and intonation.

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