What’s your Value in Use?

We all know about Value Propositions and how we should articulate the value we provide for potential customers. Here’s a way to think about it differently.

It’s called Value in Use, i.e. what is the value to customers once they start to use the product or service that they’ve bought from you.

Let me give you an example.

We have 8 chickens at home and 12 ducks, at last count, it does vary.

We are gifted with roughly 8 eggs a day. But what’s the value.

The Value in Use is tasty omelettes and cakes, a speedy fresh breakfast, plenty of nature’s protein whenever we want it, an unusual gift for guests and visitors.

You see what I mean. This is the value of eggs in use.

In the same way, think about your product or service. Think about how your customers use it and when you’ve figured this out, use the new value proposition in your:

  1. Advertising
  2. Telephone sound bites
  3. Opening remarks to prospects.
  4. When you create content for your blogs, YouTube Channels etc
  5. Positioning during sales meetings and most importantly
  6. Your story when you first meet customers.

And boy, when you wake up on a sunny Saturday morning, no work to distract you and you fancy a fresh, protein rich breakfast that nature provides. You wander to the chicken coop and select 2 of the most beautiful eggs literally just laid; you can’t beat the breakfast that evolves.