What’s Your Fee?

Attention all salespeople who are remunerated by some form of fee for services rendered. Dentists, financial advisers, coaches, plumbers…in fact most salespeople.

I bet you hate it when your prospective customer asks you for your fee up-front, how much do you charge. You know you have to answer but here’s an idea to use which really does work.

It uses the principle of scarcity.

When the customer asks what your fee is, return the question with:

“I appreciate you want to know my fee, but I’m not sure if there’s going to be a fit with us yet until I’ve explored what you’re looking to achieve.”

Then explore their needs.

It works very well because you’re not being pushy, just professional and scarce.

And whenever a client asks if I’m willing to negotiate a fee, I ping back and ask them if their salespeople negotiate theirs.

These little tactics just buy you more time so you can build the rapport, establish their needs and present your fee later knowing that you can help them achieve their aims.