Times they are a changing

Times they are a changing

Sang Bob Dylan in the swinging 60’s but I don’t think the poor old busker was singing that tune as we all passed him by on the busy Central Line below Oxford Street in London. I wasn’t the only one wearing them.

Indeed at least half the busy commuters were wearing them…earphones of course attached to iPods feeding us music of our choice to block out the torrid boring commute. Almost everyone you turned to had earphones in their ears and if you singled out the younger generation amongst the commuters, then almost all were wearing them.

And to us the busker was silent and we passed him by. His hat contained a few pieces of copper and that was it.

Busking has gone on for years ever since public transport was invented and it was delightful to hear a tune emanating from the miles of tunnel in our tube network. But not nowadays. Times have changed even for buskers. And the buskers that haven’t changed with the times are struggling to make a living.

Have you changed in the last 12 months during the fastest change the economy has seen in years? Have you adapted at all recently? Have you learnt new skills, new knowledge? Have you unlearnt things that were sacrosanct in the last century and learnt something new to replace?

If we don’t keep evolving, we may come the way of the busker.

And what of the busker on the Central Line? Maybe he could set up a website for £3 a month, record himself playing with his mobile phone, upload these to Youtube to get exposure, put a webcam on his laptop and beam his busking to his website. Put a cheap Paypal facility on the site and take small donations. He never needs to leave his flat and if he’s good, he might get discovered and could appear on Britain’s Got Talent.

Just a thought about changing times.