Take the issue of … off the table

I once heard a phrase.

“Take the issue of money off the table and you’ll find motivated people”

This is neat because you can go further with it:

“Take the issue of trust off the table and you’ll relax the customer”

Do whatever you need to do allow the customer to trust you. Buy into a fabulous brand, work for a reputable company, be yourself or learn some rapport building techniques. Google NLP Rapport building

Here’s another one

“Take the issue of money off the table and you’ll motivate your customer further to buy”.

You know that feeling when a great problem lifts from your mind? That’s how you feel as a customer when you know you can spend and have no budget challenges.

And another.

“Take the issue of ego off the table and you have a sales manager who loves the results she gets when coaching her team.”

Some sales managers are too wrapped up in trying to prove they were good at the job and when they realise this is not what they were employed to do, their coaching results sky rocket.

Think of your take the issue of…off the table, and see what you come up with.  There’s a prize for the best one submitted.