Remove your Spinning Plates

I was reading about Susan Boyle recently. Like most people, in this country you know that she almost won the Britain’s Got Talent final and she’s a singing sensation. But everything got a little bit on top of her and you can feel terribly strongly for her. The crowds, the expectations, the lights, the pressure.

And in sales and coaching this can also affect us and dampen our motivation and energy.

Many years ago I was given an exercise called the Spinning Plates. We all have many things on the go at any given time and this is known as spinning the plates. The exercise takes you through a process of removing the plates altogether so you get to spin less all at once. And it’s this that can cause stress, pressure and de-motivation.

Try it now. Quickly answer each question and commit to the action you agree. You’ll need to find 15 minutes of time to run through it but the results will give you a fantastic bounce of energy

  1. Make a list of all the things you have started, are on going, and which are incomplete. Complete the list, or cross it off and decide not to do it.
  2. Make a list of all the things, which have been going on a long time, but you have just not completed. Complete the list, or cross it off and decide not to do it.
  3. Make a list of all the agreements you’ve made. Fulfil all past agreements. Renegotiate and make new agreements with any that you that can’t fulfil
  4. Take total responsibility for your business. Do only what you can, delegate the rest. Agree only to what you know you can fulfil. Never commit to more than you know you can do.
  5. Make a list of the things you have to do – a “To Do” list either on paper or electronic – refer to it daily.
  6. Get an Appointment Calendar either electronic or paper based. Put all your appointments on it, both business and personal – refer to it daily. Plan your time. Stick to it.
  7. Clean up your house, and or your office.
  8. Clean up your car – inside and out. Get it cleaned inside and serviced
  9. Throwaway everything you don’t use, haven’t used for 6 months, or which is outdated. (Keep and file all business receipts)
  10. Organise all your papers
  11. File or throw away any unused papers.
  12. Clean out all filing cabinets. Throw away unused materials.
  13. Clean off the top of your desk. Throw away unused materials and any unneeded papers. File all papers you don’t throw away.
  14. File any past tax or business filings.
  15. Get your current account balanced. If self-employed get all financial statements up to date. Keep them up to date. If paper based get it all onto a financial programme such as Sage.
  16. Pay all your bills or make arrangements and/or agreements as to when you will pay them. Keep those agreements.
  17. Make a list of everyone who owes you money, or who has borrowed things. Email or call and ask for the money (or the thing borrowed), or cross the person off the list and decide it is complete.
  18. Start taking care of your physical body – eat well, exercise well, sleep well, etc.