Reframe the pressure

Pressure comes from a variety of sources in sales and I’ve seen it countless times in salespeople.

And how do we handle it?  Some handle it really well, a few thrive on it, but for most of us mere mortals we need some strategies to deal with it. Here’s a useful technique to help you do just that.

Put a big square in your head which represents your thoughts.

Divide the square into 4

The top two squares are for future thoughts, in other words, thoughts that relate to future happenings, future thinking. The bottom two are past thoughts – things that have already happened – it’s good to forget these once you’ve learnt from them.


Today I want to focus on the top two boxes – future thinking.

The left hand box is for bad future thinking and the right hand box is for good future thinking. For example bad thinking might be worrying about things, targets not being met or not being able to pay the mortgage. Future good thoughts might be your holiday coming up or receiving a big fat bonus or just relaxing at the weekend.

Here’s the secret. When you have some pressure and the resulting thought is going to be future bad, just move it physically into the other box, future good and reframe it. And then see what it looks like then.

Here’s some examples:

  • No sale yet today becomes only a matter of time for my next sale.
  • Worrying about the economy becomes excited about future opportunities.
  • Pressure to succeed from my boss becomes an opportunity to shine when I succeed.
  • Too light a sales pipeline becomes there’s always going to be new business if I just carry on prospecting for it.
  • If I don’t meet that deadline becomes when I do it’s going to be a great success.

By constantly moving your thoughts from the top left to the top right, will foster a positive feast type of attitude because you know things will come good in the end.

Now you have a strategy to handle constant pressure, but just don’t tell anyone what you’re doing, remember it’s your mind and you can do whatever you want inside it.