Have a conversation not an interrogation

What do newly trained coaches and my daughter have in common? They keep butting in with a prepared question just after the other person is talking. I noticed this the other day when I was assessing some newly trained sales coaches. They were so wrapped up in getting the right questions asked to achieve their […]

Aim to be second string

We’ve a General Election coming up next summer and the result seems to be well predicted. After 13 years of Labour rule, the public want a change…the present government seem to have run out of ideas and steam and the opposition are right on their heels offering innovation, energy, fresh new ideas and some new […]

Pump up your Influencing

Here’s a nice reminder of a very clever influencing model which helps sales managers who spend much of their time influencing and getting buy in to ideas and concepts. I was reminded of this when my Son, Lewis asked me for some advice of a personal nature. Now Lewis needed to ask for my advice […]

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