Handling Customer’s Problems

In this MP3 Paul shares a practical strategy to use to help you deal efficiently with problems and issues raised by customers. Ideal for sales support people particularly when on the phone, customer service specialists, account managers handling existing client accounts and anyone who deals with customer issues. Inside the MP3 are lots of little […]

Beware of speaker phones

Be careful of speaker phones or hands-free mobile phones as they might be giving your customer the wrong message. This afternoon I was sitting in Starbucks enjoying a double espresso and the guy on the next table was using his mobile phone with his speaker enabled. I appreciate that mobile phones are supposed to give […]

Your Customer Care account in credit?

Is your Customer Care bank account in credit? With the credit crunch biting many of us are keeping a close eye on our bank accounts lest they go into the red. If you do, be prepared for a hefty fine from the bank. But what about our customer care bank account? It’s a clever analogy […]

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