Aim to be second string

We’ve a General Election coming up next summer and the result seems to be well predicted. After 13 years of Labour rule, the public want a change…the present government seem to have run out of ideas and steam and the opposition are right on their heels offering innovation, energy, fresh new ideas and some new […]

Pump up your Influencing

Here’s a nice reminder of a very clever influencing model which helps sales managers who spend much of their time influencing and getting buy in to ideas and concepts. I was reminded of this when my Son, Lewis asked me for some advice of a personal nature. Now Lewis needed to ask for my advice […]

Inoculate your weak points and make them advantages

I hear that Swine Flu will rear its head later in the autumn as the cold weather draws in. And I’m hearing rumours that children will be inoculated against the illness shortly in schools. I remember being jabbed against polio as a child and feeling awful afterwards for a few days. Apparently, inoculations give you […]

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