Lanes and lines help you appreciate your goals

Like a lot of men in their mid-forties I need to keep fit and keep the pounds off and up to now I’ve been running around the countryside that surrounds our house here in Gloucestershire, UK. But constant running can cause serious damage to your health, noticeably the knees. So I took up lane swimming […]

A Unique Way of Pausing More

This Friday I’m finally having my 2 dental implants put in after treatment stretching back to 2007. It almost happened a week ago except Mike, my dentist, decided the teeth weren’t quite right and sent them back for a final adjustment. So for the last week I’ve been wearing a plate otherwise known as false […]

Customer Hot Buttons

Last week we had colossal dollops of snow hit our tiny island, something we’re not used to. Or can cope with.  People say it’s the coldest winter since 1963 here in the UK.  Let me explain how a freezing winter can help you really clarify your customer’s needs whilst selling your product or idea. As […]

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