Learn to let go

We have an acre paddock next to our house and this year I inherited a second hand sit on mower from my father who no longer needed it. For the first few months I enjoyed driving the mower around the field having a great time. Briggs and Stratton engine with 12 horse power, effortlessly cutting […]

Times they are a changing

Times they are a changing Sang Bob Dylan in the swinging 60’s but I don’t think the poor old busker was singing that tune as we all passed him by on the busy Central Line below Oxford Street in London. I wasn’t the only one wearing them. Indeed at least half the busy commuters were […]

What’s the Worst Sin of a Telephone Based Salesperson?

What’s the Worst Sin of a Telephone based salesperson? It was a really important sales training event involving all sorts of video technology so I was planning and practising the gadgets on the boardroom table. Cameras were wired up to DVD recorders, players were running pre-recorded DVDs and the projector was presenting the whole scene […]

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