Giving Customers Ground Rules

I have to say I’ve just about had enough of our Sky+ box.  That’s the gadget that records live TV here in the UK.  Its strength is its weakness.  You see, recording programmes is a breeze and anyone can now do it. That’s the problem as my children are always recording their own shows and […]

Premature Solutioneering

Sometimes as coaches or salespeople we jump in too quickly with solutions. We’re all guilty of this disease I call premature solutioneering. It’s April, the weather has been fabulous and it’s now the time of the year for the Brit’s favourite weekend past-time.  No, it’s not gardening, decorating or grass cutting although that’s close – it’s […]

Just Recruit Nice People

Easter week here in the UK, is a great time to relax, enjoy some time with your family.  I took the week off as the weather has been gorgeous and decided to venture out and go visit some tourist attractions with the children. And like many thousands of Brits, we were able to experience customer […]

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