How much?

One of the most problematic objections that customer pose us is the “too expensive” or “how much” one. Many sales trainers talk about piling on the value which is so right but here’s another little tip that’ll help you out next time your customer tells you that your product is too expensive. Living out here […]

Don’t treat customers like numbers

Today I was out cycling with my daughter who has really come on a treat with her cycling this year. We were passing through a quiet residential road and came across a house called “Canopus” “What does that mean Daddy?” asked Bethan. “I’ve no idea.” I admitted “but it’s a nice name isn’t it” Typical […]

Fishing can help your coaching

Recently I was observing some new sales management coaches assessing their newly gained competence. They were meeting with actors who were asked to play one of their sales people. The actors were briefed to play a certain part and to have a few problems which affected their performance. Some had a lack of motivational drive, […]

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