It’s all in the head

Today I’ve been helping some sales people learn how to pick up the phone and call new customers. Sounds pretty easy really but as soon I mentioned they were going to be phoning people who weren’t expecting their call, they froze.  You could visibly see the fear in their eyes. It’s all in the head. […]


WIIFM Broadcasting. No it’s not an American Radio Station broadcasting out of Los Angeles.  It’s something all customers ask themselves when you ask something of them. It’s also a motto for the Gen Y’s Generation – these guys are coming of age now, and are potential customers. WIIFM should be the guiding principle for every […]

A very impressive Cold Call

This morning I happened to be particularly busy, lots of “to do” jobs, some deadlines, challenges to consider and a few calls from clients expected. Then the office phone rang. It wasn’t the client I was expecting; it was Bob from a local stationery supplier.  Bob was impressive, I mean good, real, genuine and his […]

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