How to sell to Gen Ys

Have you seen this poster on billboards, the tube, at rail stations?  On first glance it looks like a push for a big movie. It has that same style, format of a big blockbuster movie. But look closer and its not. Talking to my 15 year old son yesterday there’s a new computer game coming […]

Have you been Google’d Recently

Have you been Google’d Recently We’ve all heard the story of the friend who was about to get the dream job, then failed at the last hurdle because the employer checked them on the internet and found some embarrassing photos of their stag do on Facebook. My best friend, who was also my best man […]

Give Your Customers an Action Plan

At the end of most of my sales workshops, I always ask the group to determine their next steps following the learning they’ve just enjoyed. Experience tells me that if I don’t, many of them won’t take the action steps needed to put the learnings into practice. I’ve been known to photograph them with their […]

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