Fishing can help your coaching

Recently I was observing some new sales management coaches assessing their newly gained competence. They were meeting with actors who were asked to play one of their sales people. The actors were briefed to play a certain part and to have a few problems which affected their performance. Some had a lack of motivational drive, […]

Car Boot Sale Negotiating Strategies

How does selling at a car boot sale compare with professional selling and negotiating? Actually quite a lot when you look at it. This morning, with the sun shining, we headed off to the car boot sale at Cheltenham Racecourse with the car chocker full of household items that the Archers no longer need hoping […]

Sales Lessons from a Fossil Hunter

Here’s a timely reminder for all salespeople and coaches from a real life fossil hunter. The idea of hunting for fossils fascinated me and my three children whilst on holiday in Dorset’s Jurassic Coast last month. I mean the chance of uncovering a dinosaur or two was just too much for us all and it […]

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