A very impressive Cold Call

This morning I happened to be particularly busy, lots of “to do” jobs, some deadlines, challenges to consider and a few calls from clients expected. Then the office phone rang. It wasn’t the client I was expecting; it was Bob from a local stationery supplier.  Bob was impressive, I mean good, real, genuine and his […]

Are you sure?

Last week I was in the City of London working with a Stock Broker client helping their salespeople get more business using the phones.  Impressive environment it was. Exciting, positive, energetic, fast-paced. And I just adored the myriad of computer screens everywhere showing stock figures and enormous amounts of data. Their job was just so […]

You never win an argument with a customer

We’ve had cracking weather this week in the UK and on Thursday It was particularly warm, but in my sales training room the air conditioning was making the conditions very comfortable. The favourite session was approaching and my audience were visibly getting excited. Objection handling techniques. And my phone based salespeople were hoping that I […]

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