Making your product appear scarce

What’s your favourite Sunday roast joint?  Beef, chicken, lamb?  We asked our three children at the beginning of the year which they preferred and unanimously they said pork.  The salesman in me made me ask a few questions as to why and immediately they all replied “we love the crackling, the meat’s just OK” And […]

Everyone can learn to negotiate

The thought of entering into a negotiation injects fear into many people, the worry of conflict and people saying no to you.  However, some simple tips and ideas can breathe life into even the most anti negotiator. Let me explain. The Credit Crunch put paid to my wife’s new kitchen last year much to her […]

Tainted Words

Are you a fan of 80’s music?  I am, but not the hairstyles. The other night I was watching some 1980’s videos on VH1, I came across one of my favourite bands – Soft Cell and their number one hit “Tainted Love” originally released in 1981. And it got me thinking about other tainted things.  […]

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