Find the Pain

I’ve used Sage Instant Accounts software since 2000 to process my business accounting. It does a great job at a very mundane task crunching numbers. In fact I’ve been running the same version 10 since 2006, and I’ve not upgraded because there’s been no value to do so. After all numbers and figures are just […]

Knee Jerk Reactions

As a kid, I was fascinated when doctors would carefully tap a patient’s knee with a small hammer and the patient’s leg would involuntary kick upwards.  That’s where the phrase “knee jerk reaction” comes from. For years after first seeing this on TV, I tried in vain to make my knee do the same with […]

Mastering the Art of Multitasking

Talk about multitasking, this chap had mastered the art, he carried out the transaction almost blindly and engaged me in a riveting conversation.  As I took the paperwork from him I’d realised I’d been cross-sold and brilliant it was too. Let me explain. Travelling and staying overnight in hotels is a constant feature of my […]

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