Screech in from High

Here’s a handy idea if you’re having trouble getting through to a new client or prospect on the telephone. Watching the Battle of Britain on the TV for the hundredth time at the weekend, I was impressed with the tactics that the Spitfire fighter aircraft used in their battle against the enemy planes. The most […]

Scripting your Prospecting Call

Not too much polish is the key, a polished call doesn’t fit. It feels out of place with today’s savvy customers. Let me explain and give you some ideas to help. Every Sunday night I polish my family’s shoes in preparation for the next day’s school and work. I think shiny polished shoes are the […]

Confidence goes a long way

Isn’t it amazing how confidence can go a long way in selling and coaching.  Let me explain further… I don’t know how they managed to convince me, but last, month I escorted the two main women in my life – my wife and 9 year old daughter – into Cheltenham shopping for shoes. 4 hours […]

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