Do you need a Dongle?

One of the fastest growing sectors at the moment is mobile phones. Not the typical phones but Smartphones which provide internet access, applications, email…in fact they’re much like mini computers and the Apple iPhone has swallowed the market. The guy in the O2 shop in London told me that they sold 1 million of the […]

Remove your Spinning Plates

I was reading about Susan Boyle recently. Like most people, in this country you know that she almost won the Britain’s Got Talent final and she’s a singing sensation. But everything got a little bit on top of her and you can feel terribly strongly for her. The crowds, the expectations, the lights, the pressure. […]

Tips to Keep in Touch

In this current climate, are you finding yourself dealing with a lengthening sales cycle? Less decisions being made, more people to involve and just longer timeframes before decisions are being made. Here are some tips to help you through this challenge.

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