Buying Signals on the Phone

These are strong signs from your customer that they are thinking about owning your product or using your service.  The thought is in their head.  They like what you’ve said so far, they trust you and your company and are interested. Traffic Lights Let’s look at a system to help you gauge the buyer’s  position.  […]

PowerPoint and the Full Stop

Have you ever been presenting using a PowerPoint slide that happens to have a series of bullets to use to expand on with your audience? Here’s a real nifty tip for you. We’ve all been there before and many of us convert the bulleted words into animations so they reveal each other when we click […]

Choosing Your Mood

It’s Your Call Working on the telephone, selling things or advising or just taking calls from people…is extremely hazardous to your health and wellbeing. Seriously it is. But you can also be very hazardous to your customers or people we talk to purely by the mood we bring into work with us. Picture this.  Brian […]

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