Maintaining a Healthy Sales Funnel

In this 2,000 word White Paper; Paul examines some of the latest thinking about lead generation and qualifying. He uses an analogy of his septic tank back at home in rural Gloucestershire and shows you how you can keep the flow of new prospects moving smoothly and how to make contact with new leads in […]

How to Leave Voicemail

It’s been hot this week, and travelling around the country in planes, trains and automobiles takes it toll. But nothing is more strenuous than picking up voicemail. I pick up voicemail at the end of the day, as I never get the chance during the day. This week I’ve been phoning in using my mobile […]

Coaching the New Generation

Today I had to stop myself. I was making a fatal error in judgement. I was asking my children where they wanted to go on holiday and what they wanted to do. I asked my daughter what colour she wanted her bedroom painted, and what they wanted to eat that night. I was getting sucked […]

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