Keep your Customer Posted

When we’re bang in the middle of our sales meetings, in the midst of our coaching sessions or performing in front of an audience, we sometimes forget one of the golden rules. My 8 year old daughter was loading two new computer games on her laptop, which she’d borrowed from her brother. Zoo Tycoon and […]

Detachment Improves your Closing Ratio

How can we improve our closing and selling?  One way is to become slightly less detached from selling which has remarkable results. Let me explain how. I was at the football stadium last month having lunch in a rather pleasant restaurant.  It was brand spanking new and the food, décor, surroundings appeared to be sumptuous.  […]

We’re all part of a big team

As sales people or sales coaches we must remember that we are all part of a team and this team can be more effective than us alone. I didn’t get to Glastonbury in 2009 – long story don’t ask – but I did get to watch my favourite bands on BBC in glorious close up […]

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