Listening on the Telephone

Listening on the telephone in fact listening in general, has to be one of the hardest things to do continuously.  Yes we can all listen for five minute bursts but to do it all day every day, just has to be hard graft. So next time you feel your listening ability has taken an early […]

Four Faults of Bad Presentations

I was feeling particularly mischievous that morning. During our course break I was wandering the corridors having a look at all the other presentations going on in the same venue and for some reason I had my PowerPoint remote control in my pocket. Will it work I thought…yes it did, my remote began changing the […]

Rapport is Common Ground

A couple of years’ ago I lived on a typical family estate with 3 and 4 bedroom homes, each with three children, two dogs and one barbeque. Every November I received a box of poppies from the Royal British Legion and I would knock on doors to see how many poppies I could sell. Each […]

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