Name, rank and serial number

Name, rank and serial number

I was watching a remake of Colditz TV Series at the weekend on Gold Channel and the Allied prisoner was being interrogated by the Germans. At every request the prisoner would say only his “name, rank and serial number” much to the German soldier’s angst.

And in the same way, I hear many business presentations starting with the same routine. Name, rank and serial number.

“My name is Paul Archer, I’m the CEO of Archer Training Ltd and I’ve 14 years’ experience on this topic.”

And some even have these credentials stamped on the first page of their PowerPoint deck.

Don’t do it, it’s boring, uneventful and plain uninspiring.

Bear in mind you have only about 10 seconds to capture their attention, perhaps you could come in with something more inspiring.

“Today I’m going to excite you, entice you and tickle your taste buds. Let’s look at the latest ideas from our company that might help you in 2014”

Sounds better than “I’m Bert Bacharach, Sales Director at MC Enterprises, been with MC for 5 years, been in this sector for 14”

Don’t tell ’em Pike.