Is efficiency enough?

It was all a little last minute; I was due to fly to India the following week and I was sitting in the doctor’s office hoping to get all the jabs I needed to stay healthy whilst abroad.

The nurse called me into her office and began the painful process of sticking needle after needle into my flesh. Ow!

She finished and I complemented her by saying “Thank you nurse, you were very efficient.”

“Thank you very much Mr Archer, we try hard to please and customer service is important to us here at the surgery”

With a beaming smile, she opened the door for me to leave. As I walked out of the doctor’s surgery I thought what a shame, as the surgery’s customer service target was way too low. Yes, the service was efficient but did she engage me? No, she didn’t and thought that efficiency was enough. How wrong could the surgery be but they have plenty of room to step up the mark and engage customers fully.