Humility in goal setting

Waiting in the Emirate’s lounge on my way home from Dhaka I made a new friend. His name was Ali and he was serving refreshments to guests and he made me feel humble.

He was an expert in rapport building. Engaging in conversation, finding things that we had in common, both brought up as Catholics, for example.

But what made me think was when he asked where I was heading and I replied “London”.

“Ah London, a fine city I think”, always complimentary which is the Bangladeshi’s way.

“Have you been?” was my little thought through reply, I had only recently risen from my bed and it was early.

“No Sir, but I would love to go, but I am from a poor family”

“Make it your goal” I said, with my speaker’s hat on.

“Pray for me then sir and I will achieve my goal”

And that made me think. We all know about goal setting and how we should choose a great big, hairy and audacious goal. However, I believe we ought to take stock and see what we have achieved and put it all into perspective.

Humility came to me that moment, from my new friend Ali in Dhaka airport.