How to motivate today’s salesperson

A recent poll from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and the Daily Express declared that 60% of British employees rated job enjoyment as their main motivator at work. Only 13% say they are motivated by the prospect of a bonus.

Now this is not specifically referring to salespeople who have complex reward benefits – commissions, bonus etc – but it does make us examine how we motivate our teams, be they salespeople or not.

So how do you provide the context so people can enjoy their work? Here’s some top of the head examples:

  • A social committee that drums up social events for everyone
  • Dress down Fridays
  • Charity events
  • Teams that have bonded and work well together
  • Opportunities for teams to communicate to the company
  • Training and development beyond the job currently being done
  • Opportunities to be successful
  • Arrangements so people can master their craft
  • Variety to add spice to their work
  • Well trained leaders who manage properly
  • Opportunities to work from home
  • Plenty of holidays
  • Free coffee

I’m sure you have more ideas, but it does make you think how the modern worker is motivated. As Dan Pink said in his book – Drive – “take the issue of not having enough money off the table, provide the right environment and they’ll motivate themselves”