Ever heard of Los Santos?

Ever heard of Los Santos? I hadn’t until August 2013 and the long awaited release of GTA5. That’s Grand Theft Auto to you and I, it’s a computer game and now on its 5th upgrade.

My sons took to it immediately as did much of the sub aged 35 male population, many took days off just to master the game, once it was released.

Hold on, there is a very important link here, so work with me.

One of the keys to the game is levels. As you advance along the game, you go up levels and with each level comes increased power ups, more capability, more weapons, items essential to life in Los Santos. And these new tools open up huge opportunities to succeed in the game.

And in the game of life, if we increase our levels, we’ll have new opportunities. Our levels are our ability to learn new things, new ideas, new skills and knowledge. With every increase in our levels comes an increase in opportunities.

With renewed capability you’re unlikely to be overtaken by competitors or others in your field, you’ll be constantly evolving and improving.

I have countless examples where I’ve attended a conference, seminar where I’ve learnt something new and this has opened up a business opportunity. So make the most of role plays, trade magazines, seminars, videos, podcasts, workshops, webinars, The Economist – whatever is your development of choice – and you’ll reap these new opportunities.

So what’s the allure of a £60 video game? Ask my middle son. “Dad, get with it, next week the online version opens and you can play against the crew, you’ve gotta be good then”. A useful lesson from the video game industry, who are scarily profitable.