15 Sales Techniques Crammed in One Presentation

Morrisons Supermarket – UK – June 2015

My curiosity was piqued with a warm, exciting voice-over in the store announcement. He seemed upbeat and different to the usual droning voices announcing cut price bread and prawns on special.

He offered us a no catch, free gift if we went to row 9 to his presentation podium. Attraction

He presented the knives in the middle of the narrow isle to create a crowd, which drew people’s curiosity.

He gathered us round his podium and began to demonstrate how good his knives were with some pretty clever displays. Social proof and crowds

He didn’t sell at all, just demonstrated at first.

His company was a very important company from America, who were importing the product for the first time and had been operating for many years. Authority

Reciprocity. He gave out free small gifts to the audience if they answered a question or raised their hands the fastest.

He continually promised us the free knife at the end of the presentation. Temptation

He got the audience involved to create tension and interest

He had some fun and some witty one-liners to keep our attention. Entertainment

He overcame objections by building them into his pitch. For example why would you want more than one knife if they have a lifetime guarantee.

He showed us a lifetime guarantee on the product he was demonstrating, the guarantee was a laminated certificate that looked very authentic. Removing risk

Scarcity. He teased us with the product by saying that it was from America, they were going to advertise next month so we were the first to be offered the opportunity to buy them, before the masses were invited.

He packaged the knives into a collection which we could buy, rather than individual knives.

Scarcity. He said he was only allowed to sell 7 of the knife collections right now as the company wouldn’t allow any more.

Contrast. He gave us the normal prices first before revealing today’s special offer price. The normal price was in the two hundred pounds mark, today only price was £40.

He made it easy for us to buy the product by allowing us to simply put it in our shopping trolley.

And he sold 7 knife sets, and I bought one too.