Are you the Product?

Are you the product? from Paul Archer on Vimeo. If you run meetings, events, sales training, conferences…it’s not about you. My intention in this short outdoors video is to make you think about what really matters in these events.

The Roof Garden

13th floor of the Radisson Blu in Dubai. I’d arrived that morning from London and I was presenting the following morning. Being November in the UK, I was keen to experience the warmth and sunshine of the outdoor pool on the top floor. And I wasn’t disappointed. Radiant sunshine and a lush view of the […]

One of the best questions to ask a customer

I heard this question this week. “Who’s at home supporting you?” The context can be in most B2C situations where you’re fact-finding with a customer establishing their needs and wants surrounding your product or service. It’s a great question to ask at the beginning to establish a grounded conversation. Can be asked to both partners […]

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