I want one with good reviews

Our small hamlet comprises of 12 houses and everyone knows everything that’s going on. And the stray cat was no exception, wandering the hamlet looking for food and shelter. My daughter felt compassionate “we should phone a company that takes in stray cats Dad…only one with good reviews though” She’s just turning 14 is Bethan […]

Let them learn, don’t teach

Let them learn, don’t teach from Paul Archer on Vimeo. In this short outdoor video clip, Paul is going to help you to run more engaging sales meetings, training events or any meetings where you pull your team together. It’s all about DIY and will save you heaps of time and effort, let him explain […]

Is your sale being disrupted?

By the internet, it’s disruptive in nature, like a plague but more beneficial. It has the habit of automating your product or service, making it cheaper, removing all the add-ons and creating a commodity that’s automated and distinguished by price only. This happened to someone on one of my workshops recently. I was helping some […]

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