What’s your frame of reference?

A poll from the Guardian Newspaper gave me: 49% of under 25s and 34% of under 35s have never written a cheque in their lives. How weird is that? But that’s me, a 51 year old, who grew up in the 1970’s when there was about 100 cash machines in the whole of the UK […]

The Barber Shop and Change

The Barber Shop and Change from Paul Archer on Vimeo. Ever wondered what goes on in the barber shop and how this can be useful if you’re going through change or having to manage it amongst your team. Paul explains what and how.

Alternatives to PowerPoint

This year 2014, the England Football Team finished in their worst position of any World Cup since records began and has become synonymous with failure at national events. Oh dear. The same fate awaits PowerPoint. However well we use it, PowerPoint is now tantamount with boring, bullet driven snooze time. Now, of course it’s not […]

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