Reward Don’t Punish

Over Christmas I visited my father in France and hired a car to get around. On my first trip to the gym in the nearby town I drove down a side street which was clearly restricted to 30 MPH (about 45 KPH local). Now back in the UK I would have been scolded for creeping […]

Look out for Leakage in Selling

I read at the weekend about the famous rivalry between Boris Becker and Andre Agassi in the world of championship tennis. Agassi continually lost to Becker until he figured out his poker face. His body language “tell” for his serve. Agassi learnt that when Becker stuck his tongue out to the left, he was going […]

I Almost Fell Into the Trap

The deception that busy business people, like you and I, can easily fall into when we’re up against it. Let me explain. I was asked by a client to deliver a five-day sales and customer service programme in Abu Dhabi and at the last moment was given the objectives and direction for the workshop. My […]

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