Would you pick up a 2 pence piece?

The walk to the till at a petrol station is fraught with challenge. Cars, pedestrians, people wandering in for their morning paper. But that morning I was faced with a 2 pence coin on the ground. Should I pick it up or should I move on? If I were a 12 year old boy again, […]

Unexpected item in bagging area

Unexpected item in bagging area from Paul Archer on Vimeo. Paul shows in a light-hearted way, how Tesco’s dealt with their self-service tills and how this can help you if you want to make sure any development is actually used in the workplace. Great for sales teams this one.

Slipping into bad coaching habits

This morning I made the tea and Claire was busy chatting to me about life, family and the universe. Normally I listen patiently, usually with my mind on my own day, but don’t ever tell her that. However I acted on instinct that morning as I had plenty of other challenges on my mind. Let […]

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