Let’s Build Strengths

I was very fortunate to speak in my 10th country since I began my own speaking and training business – Bangladesh. Each country provides me with a different perspective and understanding of a culture that I haven’t experienced. Bangladesh was no exception – Bangladeshi’s are a unique people. Amongst their manner was the need to […]

Jim Bowen Listening

Jim Bowen Listening from Paul Archer on Vimeo. Famous for his catchphrase – Super, Smashing, Great – Jim gave us a great example of weasel words. Join Paul in this short video clip to explain what these are and how we can avoid them.

What’s your Value in Use?

We all know about Value Propositions and how we should articulate the value we provide for potential customers. Here’s a way to think about it differently. It’s called Value in Use, i.e. what is the value to customers once they start to use the product or service that they’ve bought from you. Let me give […]

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