Why do we focus on what’s wrong all the time?

I was watching the half time report from the Test Rugby when England were playing New Zealand. The pundits kept criticizing the players from both sides. Later that day, Match of the Day and Alan Hansen was doing the same. My daughter’s school report came through highlighting her weaknesses and the teacher, during the open [...]

Good enough

It’s good enough from Paul Archer on Vimeo. Relating to his local pub, the Red Lion, Paul explains a powerful technique to use in business to maximise the fast paced world we live in.


An interesting acronym, I’ll explain it in a moment. But beforehand, let’s agree that people need to feel good about themselves. It builds confidence and more importantly, it shapes self-esteem. Self-esteem is the fuel that motivates us, gives us the ability to succeed in every aspect of our business and personal lives. But self-esteem is [...]

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